JLens explores a Jewish lens on investing, and serves as the bridge between the Jewish community and the values-based impact investing movement.  

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Founded in 2012, JLens is an investor network that explores a Jewish lens on impact investing, and serves as a bridge between the Jewish community and the Socially Responsible Investing (SRI) and Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) arenas. 

Impact investing is a newer term for an old concept: that values, ethics, and mission extend to investment decisions. However, in recent years the field has evolved into a global values-based movement, creating an exciting new forum for the application of Jewish wisdom. JLens aims to ultimately inspire the alignment of 100% of communal investment capital with Jewish values to achieve positive impact.



JLens serves as a bridge between the Jewish community and the increasingly influential values-based investing and corporate social responsibility movements.

Our mission is to empower investors with the knowledge, tools, confidence, and Jewish inspiration to make the world a better place.


JLens represents Jewish communal concerns in the values-based investing field, and conducts advocacy with public companies on Israel, religious tolerance, social and environmental issues.

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