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  • Jake Herman

JLens Combats Antisemitism & Hate Through Shareholder Dialogue

Updated: Apr 11

There has been a shocking increase in antisemitism in the United States and around the world in the aftermath of October 7th. JLens has renewed its efforts to use the power of shareholder advocacy to combat antisemitism and support Jewish employees in the US

JLens’ work to combat antisemitism in the corporate arena moved to the national stage in 2023. In May, as part of the U.S. National Strategy to Counter Antisemitism, the White House called on companies across America to take action in their workplaces to address antisemitism

JLens has a three pronged approach to activating corporations in the fight against antisemitism.

  1. Inclusion of combating antisemitism in corporate DEI efforts.

Following JLens engagement, Applied Materials (NASDAQ: AMAT) implemented ADL’s Antisemitism 101 for the Workplace training module in 2023, available to all of the company’s 34,000 employees. Marriott International (NASDAQ: MAR) has committed to offering employees antisemitism training, and is working with ADL to implement it.

2. Empowering Jewish employees to become self-advocates through Jewish or multi-faith employee resources groups (ERGs). 

59 companies held in the Jewish Advocacy Strategy portfolio now have Jewish or Multifaith ERGs. JLens works with ADL to engage members of these ERGS through the National Jewish ERG Network.

3. Increasing workplace accommodations for practicing Jews and employees of all religions.

Following JLens advocacy, Fifth Third Bank (NASDAQ: FITB) adopted a company-wide calendar of religious holidays in 2023, which is available on its employee landing page. This helps to prevent important meetings from being scheduled on Jewish and other religious holidays.

In 2023, JLens collaborated with ADL on its Workplace Pledge to Fight Antisemitism which includes all of the above actions. The Pledge has now achieved almost 250 company signatories including major public U.S. corporations 2U, Accenture, Apollo Global Management, KKR, Omnicom, S&P Global, Simon Property Group, TransUnion, UPS, and Zoominfo. 

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