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JLens modernized the concept of Jewish values-based investing by applying ancient wisdom to today’s investment process.

Support for Israel
Yishuv Eretz Yisrael

Jewish tradition values productive economic development within the Jewish homeland of Israel. JLens encourages companies to expand their economic ties with Israel in alignment with Jewish social and environmental values. Additionally, JLens is the only organization counteracting the BDS campaign’s economic activism against Israel by educating responsible investors and companies before they yield to BDS pressure and divest their Israeli investments. JLens’ role as the representative of the Jewish community in the SRI and CSR movements makes JLens uniquely positioned to advocate for Israel as these movements become increasingly popular and influential.

JLens’ evaluation and advocacy focuses on:

  • Investment in the Israeli economy (including operations, suppliers, partnerships, and subsidiaries)

  • Response to BDS pressure

  • Specific CSR initiatives in Israel

Azrieli Towers
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