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JLens Welcomes New Managing Director, Ari Hoffnung

Ari Hoffnung, JLens Managing Director

We are delighted to announce that JLens has appointed a new Managing Director, Ari Hoffnung, to lead the JLens team and oversee the strategic direction of the organization.

Before joining JLens, Ari held entrepreneurial and leadership roles in the financial sector, government, and medical cannabis industry. Early in his career, Ari served as Managing Director at Bear Stearns, which became part of JPMorgan Chase. In his government role as NYC Deputy Comptroller, Ari oversaw the City’s $70 billion budget. He also worked closely with the Office of the Comptroller’s Corporate Governance team to promote sound business practices at portfolio companies in order to protect and enhance the long‐term value of the New York City Pension Funds’ investments. As COO and Director at Goodness Growth Holdings, he scaled the company to a multi-state operator with 400 employees, and led its public offering. He was also the Founder and CEO of Fiorello Pharmaceuticals, later acquired by Green Thumb Industries.

Ari has also been deeply involved in the Jewish community, having served as the Senior Public Policy Fellow at Hillel International Center and as the President of the Riverdale Jewish Community Relations Council. Ari received an MBA in Finance from NYU’s Stern School of Business and a BA from Queens College.

 We would also like to take this opportunity to thank Julie Hammerman for her leadership of JLens over the last decade. As founder and CEO, Julie initiated Jewish communal participation and representation in the influential values-based investing field through a uniquely Jewish lens. She oversaw the creation and growth of the Jewish Advocacy Strategy, advocated on Jewish communal concerns with the world’s most influential companies, collaborated on shared values with other faith-based investor groups, and spearheaded JLens’ partnership with ADL to ensure the long-term future of JLens. Julie is working closely with Ari to facilitate a smooth transition. She will serve as an advisor to JLens and ADL while working with other institutional investors on impact investing initiatives. She can be reached at

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