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JLens 2021 Impact Report

Updated: Aug 19, 2022

JLens explores a Jewish lens on investing and connects the Jewish community to two influential economic movements: Socially Responsible Investing (SRI) and Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Impact Highlights from 2021 Include: - JLens’ Jewish Advocacy Strategy surpasses $150M in assets and achieves a six-year track record

- JLens files first anti-BDS shareholder resolution at Morningstar, an investment research company

- JLens represents the Jewish community by building relationships with 826 CSR professionals at 300 companies, and directly advocates with 75 companies on issues important to the Jewish community

- JLens publishes best practices for corporations on religious coexistence and names top 10 companies

- JLens’ Jewish Values CSR Awards given to 18 major public companies

- Over 40 North American Jewish institutions invest with JLens

- JLens is featured by eJewish Philanthropy, Jerusalem Post, Algemeiner, the Jewish Funders Network’s Impact Investing Green Book, and more

JLens was launched in 2012 to explore investing through a Jewish lens and to increase the Jewish community’s participation in the growing socially responsible investing (SRI) field, where other faiths are leaders and young people are exploring values, but also where Israel delegitimization and antisemitism are found.

SRI has grown exponentially and is projected by Bloomberg News to comprise 33% of all investment assets globally ($53 trillion) by 2025. As values-based investors increasingly influence corporate behavior, JLens’ mission is to give the Jewish community a strategic presence in this influential arena to promote Jewish values and Jewish communal concerns. JLens continues to fill the leadership void of the Jewish community in the SRI field, to counter threats and support our values through Jewish education and engagement with younger generations and multifaith collaboration.

In 2021, JLens launched a plan for strategic growth in advance of the organization’s 10th anniversary.

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