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Jewish Values Global Index

The JLens Jewish Values Global Index (ticker: SHALOM) is a rules-based index that aims to capture the gross total return performance of the largest global public companies that are listed on major U.S. and foreign exchanges and that are relevant to Jewish communal values and advocacy.



Since 2015 JLens has engaged 300 of the largest and most powerful US public companies on various issues connected to Jewish values through the Jewish Advocacy Strategy US. Launching a global index allows JLens to expand its advocacy to the most powerful and important companies for advocacy in the world. The Jewish Values Global Index tracks the performance of approximately 430 of the largest public companies from 24 different countries, enabling JLens to conduct advocacy with them on Jewish communal concerns. 

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JLens conducts research and long-term investor advocacy on companies around the world by applying its six values pillars inspired by Judaism’s framework of mitzvot (obligations). Read more about our approach to investing in public companies.

Index Methodology

JLens’ in-house research ensures alignment with Jewish values and avoids the biases in industry standard ESG (environmental, social, governance) research. The Jewish Values Global Index consists of approximately 430 companies selected by the following process:


JLens’ Jewish Values Global Index begins with the largest global market cap, investable public companies that are traded on major US or global exchanges. Each universe constituent has a market capitalization greater than $1 billion.

Certain sectors are removed if their core business model fails to align with Jewish values (labeled treif), including tobacco, for-profit prisons, and fossil fuel extraction and refining. Companies are also excluded if headquartered in countries that do not have diplomatic relations with Israel or designated by the U.S. government as state sponsors of terrorism.

Companies are screened out if they are deemed lo hashuv (not relevant) to Jewish communal values and concerns or where advocacy will have minimal impact.

The remaining approximately 430 companies are scored on their performance on six Jewish value pillars and rated metzuyan (excellent), tov (good) or tzarich tikun (needs improvement).

Companies that receive a rating of metzuyan are overweighted in the Index compared to their benchmark weight. Companies that receive a score of tzarich tikun are underweighted compared to their benchmark weight.

When companies score low on a particular issue, JLens attempts first to advocate with the company to improve its behavior. If advocacy engagement fails, JLens will assess the company for exclusion (nichshal).

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Large Cap Global Public Companies
Sector and Country Screen
Jewish Communal Relevance
Jewish Values Scoring


Companies considered for inclusion in the Jewish Values Global Index are given a numerical score with corresponding Hebrew rating. JLens engages all the constituents in the index, based on each company’s scores and areas for improvement on the Jewish values pillars.

Index Constituent

1= Metzuyan (excellent)

Company has excellent performance across JLens’ six Jewish values categories

4= Nichshal (excluded)

Corporate behavior is not aligned with Jewish values, and advocacy efforts have failed to produce positive change

2= Tov (good)

Company has solid performance across JLens’ six Jewish values categories

5= Lo Hashuv (not relevant)

Company is not relevant for Jewish communal values and concerns or where advocacy will have minimal impact

3= Tzarich tikun (needs improvement)

Company needs improvement across JLens’ six Jewish values but is still held in the Index to conduct advocacy

6= Treif (not fit)

Company operates in a sector that does not align with Jewish values

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