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JLens modernized the concept of Jewish values-based investing by applying ancient wisdom to today’s investment process.

Obligation to the Environment
Bal Tashchit

The mandate to cultivate, protect, and nurture the environment is deeply rooted in Jewish tradition. The rabbis of the Talmud extended a prohibition from destroying fruit-bearing trees while in conflict to encompass a general prohibition against the wasteful consumption or destruction of any natural resource. Jewish tradition emphasizes that human dominion over nature does not provide a license to abuse the environment; rather we are called to “till and tend” God’s Earth (Genesis 2:15) and reminded that if we fail to do so, there will be nobody after us to repair our damage (Ecclesiastes Rabbah 7:13).

JLens’ evaluation and advocacy focuses on:

  • Focus on sustainable products and services

  • Emissions, water and waste reduction targets

  • Net Zero emissions commitment, participation in Science Based Targets initiative, Just Transition policy

  • Renewable energy use and energy efficiency

  • Sustainable agriculture and animal welfare policies

Sustainable Energy
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